Bruce McConnachie

Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager

Born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, I grew up in an environment of successful business owners and investors. My family carried a strong entrepreneurial spirit from the very first days of immigration from Scotland around 1910 and this carried through succeeding generations.

I developed experience in financial services at a very early age and carried this through with formal academic training at the University of BC graduating with a major in finance and followed this up with a designation in accounting. I gained further hands on training in banking with the Royal Bank of Canada and in forestry with MacMillan Bloedel (now Weyerhauser) and later in real estate as both an agent and owner of a successful business.

I have been directly involved in financial services since the mid 80's and focus on assisting individuals with the private management of their portfolios and overall financial plan. As both a Certified General Accountant (CGA) and CPA, I bring to my clients a combination of experience and training to identify and plan for their needs and requirements.