Corporate Cash Management and Currency Exchange Services

Corporate Cash Management

Our Cash Management Services can provide a good benefit to your company by boosting deposit yields in an effective and efficient manner that requires very little of your time to administer.

Today we are experiencing very low rates of interest and as direct result, the methods of getting better returns have altered. Banks have reduced deposit rates in many cases close to zero, even for large cash balances. At Research Capital, we regularly survey available alternatives for our clients and have the knowledge and access to get that extra measure of return. We do the leg work for you and at no cost to you. Just call with your objectives and we will locate the best fits for your requirements. From daily interest, to cashable term deposits and bond funds, we can get you to the right alternatives quickly.

The other important aspect of this is to be fast and efficient. Funds can move back and forth electronically between your current account at your bank and your Cash Management Account at Research Capital. Usually just a few minutes on a computer and you start funds moving in one direction or another. And with one quick phone call you can be into or out of any investment product.

Put our Cash Management Account to work for you. Earning more on cash balances is always a good idea. Services are available for US or Canadian funds.

Currency Exchange Services

Our currency conversion service is quick, easy and very efficient. If your business needs to move money in and out of US dollars against Canadian $, then you may be quite aware of the myriad of exchange rates. One of the most painful factors in currency exchange is the spread between the buying and selling rates. Banks are currently charging as much as 5.5% as a spread. OUCH!! That is a lot to lose for something quite straightforward. We have plans that can get this reduced to less than 1%. In addition, if you have a Cash Management Account, we can setup some attractive timing models to more closely match your needs and cash circumstances. With a paired US and Canadian account, getting a currency conversion efficiently is only a quick phone call away.