Brokerage Services

Providing you with guidance and understanding of the markets and opportunities for your portfolio. Online account access with real time trading services to all North American markets. We offer both transaction based and fee based alternatives.

Portfolio Management

Providing you with a very comprehensive service where the individual securities and transactions are decided up by our management team. This is a good program for busy persons that have better things to do than monitor their investments and be interactive with a broker. Professionals, business owners and active retirees commonly consider using portfolio management services. You control your account with an overall instruction as to how you want to invest and leaves the details to me.


Recognizing that the world can be a very confusing place with many alternatives and decision needing to be evaluated. Through simple interactive discussions, your needs and goals are determined and an insight is given to me to provide you with advice. What are my choices and what should I choose?

As your coach I attempt to lend you my expertise and formulate a plan based on your circumstances. The starting point can be to setup an appointment by telephone or in person. As a client you can call or email at anytime and I will assist you in reviewing any financial questions that you might have.

Typical Questions

  1. Should I put funds into an RSP?
  2. What term of mortgage should I select?
  3. Will I have enough to retire on and when can I retire?
  4. What are some of the new programmes being offered by government?
  5. How can I lower my risk and still get a good rate of return?
  6. What rate of return should I expect?
  7. I am getting married/divorced, how should I deal with this for financial purposes? What is the best way to start an investment program?

The Process

It is not about me, it is all about you. First and foremost I need to know what it is you want to know about and understand.

  • Risk
  • Return
  • Reporting
  • Service