Become a Client

Creating an account is accomplished in one of two ways. For some clients all they require is transaction services, for others a more comprehensive approach is needed. This comprehensive approach involves gaining a complete understanding of your circumstances, along with a good discussion of where you are heading (goals) and how the goals can be achieved.

The basic accounts available cover the full range from those associated with individuals or corporations, together with the ability to use margin or options if desired.

To get started we need to setup either a personal appointment or telephone appointment (click to request an appointment).

What to Expect as a Client

In addition to normal brokerage statements and reports:

  • Online access to account information including activity and holdings.
  • Online access to our research department reports and search capabilities
  • Access via email or telephone to discuss any issues involving investments and ideas.
As well, for those clients that want to avail themselves of comprehensive planning services:
  • Periodic review of holdings and positions
  • Summarized position reports and assistance with analysis
  • Periodic meetings to review plans and offer guidance